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How to Write a Company Policies?

Some employers question the need for written company policies.

If you're like many, writing or updating company policies is not very high on your lengthy "to-do" list. And, you may even question the value of having written policies because of the apparently conflicting advice concerning their usefulness.

On one hand, many HR experts advocate having written organization policies as a way of communicating your organization's values and practices to employees. At the same time, many attorneys warn their clients that poorly drafted policies may land you in court. So, whom should you believe?

The short answer is both groups. On closer analysis, these positions are not contradictory. A well-written company policy can both serve as an effective communication device and help you stay out of court, or if necessary give you a better chance of winning.


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Company policy FAQs.


What company policies should we include in our employee handbook?

In choosing company policies to include in your employee handbook, you should consider the following points:

  • The culture of your organization and its recurring issues or problems;
  • Any memos on company policy topics (such as vacation and holiday schedules) and past practices (i.e., what you have done in the past to address a particular employee relations issue); and
  • The HR practices followed by other organizations in your industry (such as vacation lengths and leave allowances).

Most employers develop company policies on the following topics:

In addition, many employers include policies on performance appraisals, smoking, safety procedures, appropriate dress and appearance, use of communications systems (including the proper use of telephones, computers, e-mail, and Internet access), and drug and alcohol use.

Remember, your company policies and employee handbook should be considered dynamic, not static. You may need to add to them, revise them, and even delete them as your organization grows and changes.



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