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HIRING Policy: Writing and Decision Making Kit

HIRING Policy: Writing and Decision Making Kit

Hiring Policy Kit

A solid and comprehensive hiring policy can help employers find highly qualified applicants, ensure uniformity in personnel practices, and comply with the numerous federal, state, and local laws that regulate hiring practices. This policy addresses the major aspects of the hiring function including interview questions, offer letters, credit and background checks, preemployment physicals and drug testing, and I-9 verification.
Topics covered include:
· Hiring Challenges
· The Hiring Process and Retention Considerations
· Staffing Requisitions
· Recruiting Sources
· Selection and Hiring Procedures
· Standardized Application Forms and Procedures
· Application Form Statements, Disclaimers, and Waivers
· Application and Interview Questions
· Offer Letter
· Reference Checking
· Preventing Negligent Hiring Claims
· Background Investigations
· Rejecting An Applicant
· Nepotism and Fraternization Policies
· Equal Employment Opportunity and Hiring
· Physical and Educational Requirements
· Recruitment Methods
· Reasonable Accommodation of Disabilities in Hiring
· Religious Discrimination, Accommodation, and Inquiries
· Employee Testing and Lie Detectors
· Fraudulent Misrepresentations to Applicants and New Hires
· Immigration Reform and Control Act
· Credit and Consumer Reports
· Background Investigations
· Medical Inquiries and Examinations
· New Hire Reporting
· Nepotism and Fraternization Policies
· Affirmative Action in the Employment of Veterans
· Affirmative Action in the Employment of the Disabled
· Affirmative Action Under Executive Order 11246

A note regarding copyright:
Our policies are intended to help organizations create their own personnel policies or handbooks for distribution internally. Accordingly, you may use the Model Policies verbatim or modify them to suit the culture of your organization. Since the policy is copyrighted, we are making a special exception for this particular use. However, the policies may not be used to create or update policies for any organization other than the one buying the policy. In other words, you can’t create policies or handbooks to offer to other organizations, either for profit or free of charge. This would be considered a direct violation of our copyright.

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