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HOLIDAYS Policy: Writing and Decision Making Kit

HOLIDAYS Policy: Writing and Decision Making Kit


Employers are not required to pay employees for holidays that they do not work, but most organizations offer a limited number of paid holidays to create employee goodwill. Generally, the federal government and most states observe more public holidays than do private employers, and a very small number of states actually require employers to observe certain holidays.
This policy discusses offering holidays to employees, exempt employees and unpaid holidays, religious holidays and reasonable accommodation, and holiday overtime pay.
Topics in this policy include:

· Holidays Observed
· Eligibility for Holiday Pay
· Attendance at Work
· Weekend Holidays
· Vacation Period
· Floating Holidays
· Accommodating Religious Holidays
· Birthday Holidays
· Pay for Work on Observed Holidays
· State Regulation of Holidays
· Exempt Employees and Unpaid Holidays
· Religious Holidays
· Holiday Overtime Pay

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