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TRAVEL Policy: Writing and Decision Making Kit

TRAVEL Policy: Writing and Decision Making Kit


An employer may have many reasons to require its employees to travel on business. For example, organizations often require executives, sales personnel, and technical support staff to travel extensively to service customers, cultivate new business, or meet with suppliers. Many employers also encourage employees to attend professional and technical conferences to learn about new developments and exchange ideas with their peers. Some organizations allow travel to conferences to boost morale since travel breaks routine and often provides a chance to visit popular cities and resorts. In addition, multinational employers sometimes offer subsidized travel to employees as an inducement to transfer to foreign offices.
This policy provides information regarding travel as a condition of employment, travel expenses, travel advances, substantiation of expenses, and per diems.
Topics in this policy include:

· Employee Travel
· Travel as Condition of Employment
· Prior Approval of Travel
· Travel Awards
· Travel Arrangements and Cost Controls
· Key Employee Safety
· Travel Itinerary
· Documenting Expenses
· Expenses Typically Paid or Reimbursed
· Special Travel Expense Requests
· Expenses of Spouse
· Cash Advances and Credit Cards
· Employee Conduct While Traveling
· Employer Liability for Employee Safety
· Employers’ Tax Deductions for Lodging, Meals, and Incidentals
· Tax Implications for Employees
· Substantiation of Travel Expenses
· Reimbursement of Spouse’s Expenses
· Hours Worked

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